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QuikieApps is an influential AngularJS company in Bangalore that will serve you a complete development environment. Developers of QuikieApps can get you designed user-friendly, innovative and high productivity applications. We develop web and mobile apps in every category by utilising the latest technical standards. We expand the scalability of AngularJS with the use of plugins, integrations, custom templates, etc. We help to transform your constructive ideas in a completely functional application, Furthermore, QuikieApps endeavours development in fields of eCommerce, sports, fashion, travel, web apps, and many other apps. Using the Model View Controller(MVC), we develop the most dynamic and unique single-page applications. Our developers extend the capabilities of and include features like third party integrations, modular programming, etc. Several teams work together to complete your project on time with exceptional performance.
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Why Angularjs development?

AngularJS has gained considerable admiration because of its modular programming approach. It offers extensive flexibility, range and supports MVC coding methods. It has extended attributes that enlarge the capabilities of the developers. Various features of AngularJS have made it the top choice for developers worldwide. The two-way data binding capability makes the user exchange data from screen to component and vice versa. This feature saves a considerable amount of time that would be required for coding the DOM. AngularJS synchronises the DOM and the modular components because of which interpretation of data becomes much quicker. AngularJS reduces the efforts of the developers to design components every time. They can reuse the block of code a number of times. Also, these codes can be moved to the structure of some other applications so that development of cross-platform applications becomes easy. Being designed by Google, it is appreciably used by social media like Instagram, Facebook and many popular companies. AngularJS can further integrate with a number of libraries that consist of a vast amount of templates and pre-designed components. Developers can use these components to ease the program workflow. Hence they do not need to develop every component from scratch. They can customise according to their requirements and utilise them in their web applications.

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What We Offer.!

UI/UX Design

Our UI UX team designs interactive and highly dynamic interfaces with the use of AngularJS. We have expert designers that bring out the best functionalities of the AngularJS. Also, AngularJs is dedicated toward Front end development! This gives a significant advantage to our developers for developing custom web or mobile apps that are very optimal and has a distinctive interface.

Single Page Application Development

Our Well structured and agile development procedures have made us provide the most efficient Single Page Applications. AngularJS has a unique and flexible code that enables our developers to make Front end SPAs optimally. Also, routing and navigation are much more comfortable in apps developed with Angular, which is not possible in other frameworks. AngulartJS has access to a wide range of libraries that makes the developers design large SPAs effortlessly. Our expertise in developing SPAs makes the apps operate swiftly in every operating system.

Progressive Web Application Development

Our developers are skilled in creating dynamic, simple to install and operate Progressive apps. AngularJS has web development capabilities that empower our developers to build potential progressive web applications that work on any platform regardless of the device. Our developed progressive apps incorporate rapid initial loading and are responsive. By using AngularJS, the same elements do not need to reload every time, whereas other frameworks need to do so. We also develop progressive apps that can work in low-quality networks or even on an offline system.

Plugin Development

AngularJS offers our developers to create plugins that increase the functionalities of the application. These plugins can comprise any kind of logic you desire. We develop apps that consist of the most optimal plugins that simply improve the capabilities of the angular applications. Also, we offer development of custom plugins for your projects that many include payment protocols or app optimisations.

Client-side Development

With the use of AngularJS, our developers can create exceptional interfaces of the client-side. We make use of features like code-splitting, code generation, dependencies and data binding for programming the Client side of the Angular app. Such that the user's device does not need to utilise excess resources in rendering the interface. All the text, images and UI seen by you is designed while utilising the most significant functionality of angularJS, because of which the final app does not lag while operatin

Front end Development & Support

We provide the most elegant Front end development process to our clients. Our developers use the most optimal procedures for designing the Front end. So that you are left comfortable while understanding the workflow of the program. Also, we use MVC coding because of which we need not program components again and again. By using data binding, we ensure that the end results are flawless.

Top Notch AngularJS Development Services

About Us

QukieApps is one of the most admired AngularJS development companies. We possess the standards to outperform your expectations and develop an app that is all-inclusive of the described features. We have developed several enterprise, social media, travel, single-page apps and may other apps regardless of the complexity. We have expertise in designing challenging UIs with the help of AngularJS. We enable direct communication with the technical experts to provide assistance. QuikieApps further lets you individually test the developers as per your standard so that you can get the most relevant developer for your project. QuikieApps has a vast field of experienced and beginner developers that can get your job done with 100% satisfaction.
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Why QuikieApps?

24/7 Communication.

QuikieApps offer you the most elegant and rapid communication among hundreds of development companies. Our profound support team is ready 24/7 to help you out. Therefore, you can interact with us anytime and from anywhere. Our communication systems are managed in such a manner that we can answer your problems whatever might be the time around the globe. You have the freedom to share your innovative thoughts with our developers. They will immediately start on the procedure to implement them in the Angular app. In QuikieApps, you are connected with developers to discuss instead of the management team that gives us an edge.


An impenetrable security structure is made for QuikieApps. Such that our databases are kept anchored from external malpractices. Our systems keep all the shared information secured in a suitable manner. We guarantee our clients that with the utilisation of modernised data security structure, our records will never be breached. With our profound security, we have developed trust among our clients. And for your privacy, we do not reveal any chats undertaken during the development.


AngularJS developers of QuikieApps are instructed to deliver superior usability in their projects so that you need not worry about the engagement of the app. Our developers further build an angular app that is SEO optimised and can easily outperform other apps in a similar category. These Angular apps designed can deal with massive traffic without loss of performance and speed.


We equip latest technology in the development process to ensure the angular application is scalable to outrun the rising competition. Our developers attain dedication in providing scalability in the sectors of eCommerce, business, enterprise app, payment apps, and many more. We have significantly increased our scalability by providing custom AngularJS development services.

Daily Updates

Frequent updates are sent to inform the advancement of our project and thereby maintain transparency in the development. These updates help you to manage milestones and assure that the development is finished within the specified duration. To keep you involved in the development procedure, we recommend keeping track of the objectives completed. You can observe the app development on a regular basis.


For crediting your confidentiality, we never disclose any information of yours. To ensure privacy, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before initializing the Angularjs development services. This agreement consists of all the clauses for your integrity. Furthermore, interactions and discussions between you and your development team are not revealed. Our specific and structured precautions ensure you a trustworthy and secure experience with us.

Top-Notch AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS Development Services


Migration Services:

QuikieApps features migration of angular apps from one technical platform to another. Our Migration service department is incorporated with the most advanced technologies that make sure that the app is migrated with full speed and avoiding loss of data. Our developers use AngularJS that acts as a midway for migration and transfer applications regardless of its complexity.

Expedient use of resources:

In QukieApps, we make the most optimal use of resources to reduce the development cost. Even if you have a tight budget, you can count on us for delivering the finest quality output.

Project management:

We involve dedicated project managers in the development to make use that the specifications are fulfilled. Also, this team manages the directory and statements to make sure that the project plan is not disturbed. While minimising the risk and crashes, we develop angular apps that have large productiveness. We monitor the performance of the app to increase its usability and reach.

Program examination/Testing:

Our developers perform several tests to verify the security of the app towards malware and threats. Also the same ap Is made to run on distinct operating systems to check its compatibility. While deploying the apps on distribution platforms, we make sure that it is entirely flawless. So that you do not face any inconvenience while finalising the project.

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Request a Call Back?

You can directly contact us, without thinking twice, through a phone call or an email. Our support team will respond to your doubts and difficulties. Also, we do not ignore any of your inventive ideas or thoughts, and we try to implement them. Direct interaction with the developers gives you the advantage to get your problems solved in seconds. Our Angular development team will surely recognise your troubles and give expert level remedies. You can get in touch with us for any kind of cooperation required. We guarantee that you won’t be kept waiting and that an instant response would be given. Moreover,  alterations regarding the development plan and architecture can be made on the phone call.

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