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Being top react native app development company in Bangalore, India, QuikieApps focuses on generating maximum value for our clients. We provide top notch React native development services with enormous scalability and security. Also, we bring out the best performance of React Native for mobile app development. Our React native app developers can build native apps of every complexity along with the specified requirements. We have expert React native developer teams that can design apps of maximum dynamic flow within less time. React Native is the most prominent framework for developing cross-platform apps. Its native features give the best mobile User Interfaces. QuikieApps outstand in providing React native app development in the least development resources and attempts. Our modernized development techniques have helped in developing apps for several companies regardless of their field. Also, we have never deprived our clients, by completing the project on time and meeting your requirements.

Top React Native Developer Company

Why React-Native for Mobile app development?

  • React Native offers the highest performance and durability of any other development platform.
  • React  facilitates cross-platform mobile app development for android and IOS. Hence, we can create hybrid apps for different platforms.
  • It has a code reusability feature that can be used for deploying the same codes for another application.
  • React Native has the support of the vast library and third-party plugin because of which development process requires less time.
  • React native offers hot reload, from which changes made in the program are instantly displayed on the application. This feature allows the React native app developers to avoid reloading the DOM every time changes are made.
  • React Native has numerous tools that are equipped with a vast majority of templates. React native app developers can use these templates for reducing the coding at the same time designing an interactive interface.
  • The fundamentals of React Native are the same as React so a react.js developer can readily use Native. Also, the compatibility with third party plugins accommodates less memory than other frameworks.

Being Leading React Native App Development Company

What We Offer.!

UI/UX Design

Our designers are experienced and professionals in designing UI and UX. Our expert designers determine your expectations and develop highly innovative User Interfaces. We discuss the interface requirements and embed the features in the application. Our React native app developer abilities in developing interfaces have exceeded the expectations of every client. Hence if you wish to get an extraordinary interface, we can be your first choice.

React Native Application Development

QuikieApps has uniqueness in react native app development. With the help of the latest technologies, we develop magnificent and transformative native apps that outperform other apps in the market. We have developed apps for industries like sports, eCommerce, wholesale, professional assistance, etc. Our React native app developers can integrate the applications with several other platforms that extend the scalability of the application.

Android & iOS App Development

QuikieApps effectively develops Android and IOS apps that can improve your business services. Our React native app developers attain expertise in designing a vast number of enterprise apps. These developers are trained with the most recent trends in Mobile app development so that they can design an app that will completely rank up on your standards. We develop Mobile apps for android and IOS that are composed of all the functionalities required by you.

Minimum Viable Product

Designing a Minimum Viable Product app helps every growing business to identify its customers. The development of an MVP app in react native is rapid and it saves a considerable amount of money. The deployment cost of an MVP app designed in React Native is less as compared to any other framework. You can efficiently identify which features work for your app by designing an MVP app. Also, making changes is very swift in Native.

Server-side API Development

Server-side API development in React Native gives you full control of the application. You can control what information a particular user should access. Server-side APIs give flexibility to the React native app developers to use any programming language they wish to use. React native enables server-side rendering because of which the user’s device does not need to spend resources. This optimizes memory utilization and increases the speed of the app.

Backend Development & Support

React Native can be connected with libraries like RNBack, reactJS, to design and code the back-end of your application. We have skilled back-end developers that are capable of designing the entire back-end in a straightforward manner. Our experienced React Native app developers can solve compound programs and codes. They divide the project workflow into several parts so that you don’t get confused while examining the app.

Leading React Native App Development Company

About Us

QuikieApps is the top React Native app development company in the market. We have influenced various fields including travel, sports, eCommerce, enterprise, marketing, social media, gaming, etc. We have an outstanding experience in react native development services and our react native app developers have the capability to outperform your presumptions. We offer a distinctive method for hiring developers where you can get to know about the potential of each developer. We stand out from other react native app development companies as we provide direct interaction and regular updates by the most experienced react native app developers. Also, we let you individually test the developers on your conditions. So that you have the freedom to form your team of developers. From our wide range of developers, each one of them is exceptionally skilled and has an ethical background. By choosing QuikieApps you are guaranteed an excellent React native app development services.

As a Top React Native Development Company

Why QuikieApps?

24/7 Communication

QuikieApps offer you the foremost communication among hundreds of React native app development companies. You can interact with us anytime and from anywhere. Every time zone is suitable for us so that we could provide the most excellent react Native app development services. You further have the freedom to share your innovative thoughts with our developers. They will hear your ideas and work on the procedure to implement them in the native app. In QuikieApps you are connected with developers to talk instead of the management team.


An invulnerable security system is maintained in QuikieApps. Suh that our connections are kept secured from external threats. Our systems keep all the shared information secured in a suitable manner. We guarantee our clients that with the utilization of advanced data security systems, our archives are never breached. During the development, process safety is managed and all the conversations are kept confidential. Because of this, we have developed trust among various clients.


We utilize the latest technologies in the development process to ensure the React native application is scalable in the emerging competition. Our developers attain professionalism in delivering scalable services in the fields of eCommerce, enterprise app, payment apps, and many more. We grow the range of our react native development services by providing custom react native for mobile app development.

Minimum Viable Product

Designing a Minimum Viable Product app helps every growing business to identify its customers. The development of an MVP app in react native is rapid and it saves a considerable amount of money. The deployment cost of an MVP app designed in React Native is less as compared to any other framework. You can efficiently identify which features work for your app by designing an MVP app. Also, making changes is very swift in Native.

Daily Updates

Significant transparency is provided in the mobile app development process. Because we provide you with daily updates regarding the executions of your project. We also keep track of the objectives to be completed. Such that the project is finalized within the specified time. To keep you engaged in the development procedure we facilitate you with a record of the amount of work done. So that you can examine the mobile app development on a regular basis.


We preserve the integrity of our clients by maintaining all the information confidential. a non-disclosure agreement is signed with you before the beginning of the React native app development. This agreement embodies the elements that are kept private. For additional confidentiality, we do not reveal any of the interactions between you and your team of developers. Our systematized and structured methods ensure you trust and secure experience with us.

As one of the top react native app development companies

React Native Development Services


Development Management

We have a skilled management team that handles all the inventory and avoids budget overruns. Our management makes sure the project meets the milestones regularly. Also, they increase the productivity of the app while minimizing the risk of failure or crashes. They monitor the React native development process and ensures that the scope of the project is satisfied.

Quality Testing

Every app developed by QuikieApps is forced to pass several Quality examinations. Top-ranked examiners make sure that the app is free from all kinds of bugs and operates without lagging. We also test the app on several devices to check the compatibility of the application program. We recognize your vision towards the app so deploying an absolutely flawless app is the major concern of every react native app developer. Our team determines that the app is scalable, has compatibility with every platform. Also, the functions, plugins and integrations installed are checked several times to provide you with a quality app.

Deployment of the app

Successfully deploying the app is as important as developing it. We have optimizable programmed features that manage the distribution of the app. These apps are deployed on platforms like Play store, app store, galaxy apps, etc. To increase the visibility of the app we make it SEO optimized. Our React native app developers make it compatible with every category, such that it ranks in the top searches. After the development, we analyze the interactions and user engagement of the app. Thus, we can modify the app in the future as per the recommendations of the market.

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Request a Call Back?

You can directly contact us, without temporizing, through a phone call or an email. Our expert react native app developer company team will listen to your doubts and development ideas. Also, we do not neglect any of your inventive ideas or thoughts. One to one interaction with the react native app developers gives you the edge to solve queries immediately. Our expert React native app development team will effortlessly recognize your perspective towards the application. You can always contact us for any kind of assistance. We guarantee an immediate response to your messages. If you desire to make changes in the plan or have some advice you can guide the hired react native app developers comfortably. QuikieApps ensures an instantaneous response to your messages.